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About Our Coins

The 10-point grading scale is an exciting change that the world’s largest grading company, NGC, is offering through their newest grading program, NGCX. The 10-point scale is intended to bring coins in line with other graded collectibles and invite a larger collector base to experience one of the most established collectibles in the world. For more info on the 10-point scale and comparisons to the existing 70-point scale, visit NGC’s website

Yes, every coin sold in VaultBox is genuine and is professionally authenticated by NGC/NGCX, the largest coin authentication company in the world.

Not an issue! VaultBox provides Instant Offers on all of their coins, so you can sell us any coins that you do not want to keep.

VaultBox is fundamentally built around the concept of providing collectables that are worth something and we design our projects around that idea. In VaultBox Series 1, every coin is made from one of four precious metals: silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

About VaultBox Series

Each Series offered will have its own combination of coins and value. We plan to offer an exciting and diverse range of coins to headline future VaultBox projects. As always full distribution list are posted with each Series released.

We go to great lengths to make sure we do NOT know where any given “hit” coin is. We’re able to accomplish this through the help of NGC/NGCX. After NGC/NGCX authenticates and grades our coins, they’re packaged into VaultBoxes with tamper-proof seals and shipped back to VaultBox in indistinguishable packages.

About Instant Offers

VaultBox is continually updating their Instant Offers to keep up with the ever-changing collectables market. Once an Instant Offer amount is agreed upon, VaultBox will not change the agreed upon amount for the sale as long as the coin(s) arrive to VaultBox in a timely manner, the coin(s) are in acceptable condition, and the individual selling the coin(s) to VaultBox adheres to all terms and conditions of the sale.

VaultBox monitors the coin market daily and adjusts their Instant Offer amounts based on market changes.

At the moment, VaultBox does not currently negotiate Instant Offer amounts.

About Shipping

Each VaultBox order will be insured and shipped either via USPS Priority Mail or Federal Express with signature confirmation.

Although it isn’t required, we would recommend that you request signature confirmation and insurance for your “Instant Offer” shipment. VaultBox is not responsible for any coins that are lost in shipment when selling coins to VaultBox.

Something Else?

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