VaultBox Remix Information

**actual coins may vary


What happens when you take VaultBox slabs from every VaultBox released to date and then combine them all into one?

You get an entirely new VaultBox experience.

We sorted through the VaultBox slabs we bought from you through our Instant Offer program and put together a release loaded with variety.

Look for Hits in Red Core AND Black Core!

Since the values of each VaultBox Series are different, the red core values vary too. That also means that same of the black cores in Remix are worth some serious money.

Look for these hits:

Red Core Hits

Black Core Hits

VaultBox Remix Details

Find the 1906 Proof Set

One Series 7 VaultBox comes with not one, but five total red cores. Look for the box loaded with one coin from our 5-Piece 1906 Proof Set, as well as instructions to contact us so we can send you the rest of the coins.

What's in the Proof Set?

  • 1906 1C NGCX Proof 9.4 Brown (Redemption)
  • 1906 5C NGCX Proof 9.4 (Redemption)
  • 1906 10C NGCX Proof 9.4 (Redemption)
  • 1906 25C NGCX Proof 9.5 (Look for this one!)
  • 1906 50C NGCX Proof 9.4 (Redemption)

Single Coin Boxes Return

Collectors love the box-ripping fun of a single-coin VaultBoxes, so it’s only fair that we bring it back.

And this time it’s better than ever.

Pre-1933 Gold in a Single Coin Box?

For the first time ever you can find Pre-1933 Gold in a single coin VaultBox.

Pre-1933 Gold is our most requested category of coins to include in VaultBox – and that’s exactly why we had to bring them to single coin boxes too.

Series 7 Details

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