Series VI Information

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VaultBox Series VI

Every VaultBox Series features a fun, unique, and exciting theme. Each series is loaded with hundreds or thousands of coins specially curated by VaultBox and authenticated by NGC.

VaultBox Series VI launched on March 6, 2024. Once you receive your box, look up the unique serial number on each coin in your box. Then, add your coin to your collection, sell it, or Cash Out quickly with our Instant Offer.

What's in VaultBox Series VI

VaultBox Series VI is bringing you a whole new category of coins to collect: Ancients. Focused on hitting a sweet spot between value and historical significance, Series VI is entirely made up of ancient coinage from as early as 600 BC. 

Look for Red Core Series Hits!

Among the Hits in this series are:

A Coin Fit for a King Caesar

A series that goes back in history deserves to have the biggest hit be a truly historical piece.

The biggest hit in Series VI is the largest denomination of gold coin minted under the reign of the one of the most important figures in history: Julius Caesar.

A Story Behind Every Coin

When you hold an Ancient coin you’re holding history – an object that has survived thousands of years to give a hint into the lives of people thousands of years ago.

To help understand your coin, every single coin in Series VI has a short description providing historical context.

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Series VI Details

Get Paid to Collect

Our bounty program is bigger than ever for Series 5, featuring 18 total bounties for $26,000 worth of rewards. Bounties include building sets, or finding some of our coolest single coins.

The best part? You keep the coins.

Check to see if you have unboxed any of our Series 5 Bounty coins.

Series VI Details

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