FunBox July 2024

Announcing: FunBox

Our Most Affordable VaultBox Release

VaultBox releases are all so serious…

…what if we made one that focused only on pure fun at a price lower than ever before?

FunBox is a brand new type of VaultBox release designed to be casually released in between the main VaultBox series launches.

Each FunBox release will vary in size and what it contains, but it will always have one focus – to make sure we get more fun to you.

Look for Red Purple Cores

FunBox is a new VaultBox experience – and the hits are new too.

Look for a Shiny Purple Core in your FunBox to know that you found a hit.

Look for these Purple Core series hits:

Fun... Bag?!

What’s the most fun way to open a VaultBox? By ripping it of course.

FunBox’s come in a heat-sealed mylar bag, perfect for tearing open and slowly revealing your slab.

Using a bag also allows us to package the coins ourselves instead of the usual process of sealing boxes at NGC. This allows us to get these series out to you quicker between the main VaultBox series releases.

Improvements for Breakers

We also threw in a few features to simplify the streaming experience so you can focus more on your stream and less on keeping track of inventory.

Stay organized quicker than ever before by sealing the coin back in its bag with the built-in zipper.

Likewise, write your customer’s name in the blank space on the back of each bag to make sure the right coin goes to the right customer every time.

FunBox (July 2024) Details

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