Why VaultBox


VaultBox Is Authenticated By NGC

VaultBox is a totally new way for coin collectors to discover valuable coins, and for fans of other collectibles to start collecting coins. 

VaultBox was inspired by the thrill of opening sports and trading card packs, and the excitement of chasing the biggest cards. VaultBox brings thrill-seeking collectors the action and excitement of card breaking to a collectible that has real and appreciable value.

Every coin in VaultBox is authenticated and graded using either NGC’s traditional 70-point Sheldon Scale, or NGCX’s new 10-point grading scale. NGC is the largest and most trusted coin grading company in the world, so you can be certain that every coin in your VaultBox is authentic.


VaultBox works with NGC to ensure transparency. NGC is handling the grading, randomization and secure packaging of each VaultBox to establish maximum transparency. 

VaultBoxes are designed without serial numbers or means of individual identification to ensure that they are indistinguishable from one another. 

Guaranteed Value In Every Box

There is real value in every VaultBox you buy. Unlike card breaking where you might find that many of the cards in your box are near worthless, there are no base coins or “Junk Wax” in any VaultBox. Every coin in the VaultBox has inherent value and immediate liquidity so you can instantly sell your coins or proudly keep them as part of your collection. 

Monetize Your VaultBox At Anytime

You can keep or sell your VaultBox coins — it’s up to you. 

Sell your coins through your preferred or usual methods (private sales, auctions, coin shows, etc.) or sell your coins directly to VaultBox using our Industry First Instant Offer Program.

Our Instant Offer allows you to sell your VaultBox coins back to VaultBox at any time, even immediately after your box is opened. Details Here.

Chase The Hits

Every VaultBox box is part of a Series. Every VaultBox series has a mix of common, uncommon and rare coins, including some of the most sought after and desirable coins out there. Each VaultBox series will feature its own unique line up of coins ranging in value.

What If You’re Not A Coin Collector?

You might be an avid collector of other collectibles — sports cards, sneakers, autographs, currency, art, fine jewelry — but not yet a coin collector. So why should you collect coins with VaultBox? 
Millions of people all over the world collect coins as a hobby, and rare coins have increased in value over the last decade. 
Unlike sports cards and many other collectibles, all the coins at VaultBox have real value because they are authentic, may have historical significance, and are often made of precious metals.

Coins have many aesthetically pleasing traits, including but not limited to: Historical depictions, periods of history, and are composed of many different metals including precious metals.

VaultBox will instantly offer to buy the coins in your box so you have a market readily available whenever you choose to sell.

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