Introducing VaultBox

The new way for collectors .

Series 7 Bounties!

We Upped the Ante

Bounties are back with Series 7 – and we’re putting bounties on some of the biggest hits!

We have added an additional $7,500 bounty on top of the 2nd biggest hit – plus, you keep the coin!

Find the 1907 High Relief $20 Flat Rim NGCX Very Fine 6.5 (Instant Offer Value $10,000) to claim your bounty.

We have also added an additional $2,500 bounty on top of the 3rd biggest hit, and just like above, you keep the coin.

Find the 1836 G$1 Gilt NGCX Proof 9.3 (Instant Offer Value $7,500) to claim your bounty.

Current Series

VaultBox Remix

What happens when you take VaultBox slabs from every VaultBox released to date and then combine them all into one?

You get an entirely new VaultBox experience.

We sorted through the VaultBox slabs we bought from you through our Instant Offer program and put together a release loaded with variety.

Series 7 Highlights

What Is VaultBox

VaultBox is a totally new way for coin collectors to discover valuable coins, and for fans of other collectibles to start collecting coins.

VaultBox was inspired by the thrill of opening sports and trading card packs, and the excitement of chasing the biggest cards. VaultBox brings thrill-seeking collectors the action and excitement of card breaking to a collectible that has real and appreciable value.


A New Way to VaultBox

Some of the coolest coins we find never even end up in VaultBoxes.

Likewise, you might look around after you open your VaultBox and see that some of the most exciting coins ended up in the hands of other collectors.

Now you have a second chance to get some of VaultBox’s best coins in our new UnVaulted Label: UnVaulted by VaultBox.

Check it out to coins, gold nuggets, and rarities in our brand new UnVaulted label.

How VaultBox Works

Coins Acquired by VaultBox

Coins Acquired by VaultBox

We search the world for fun, interesting and exciting coins.

Authenticated & Graded by NGC

Authenticated & Graded by NGC

NGC is the world's leading coin grader and authenticator.

Curated Series

Curated Series

Coins are curated and added to a series, which are each designed around a theme.

Packaged and Sealed

Packaged and Sealed

Coins are packaged in boxes and sealed at NGC.



Use your coins to start a new collection or add to your existing collection.

Instant Offer

Instant Offer

Monetize your coins right away with our Instant Offer program.

Getting Started


Step 1

Order Your Box

View the current series and place your order now. Supplies are limited!


Step 2

Unbox and Enjoy

Open your box and discover what’s inside! Research each coin on our Coin Lookup page.


Step 3

Collect or Sell

Add the coin to your collection or use our Instant Offer to monetize your coin right away.

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