Series 5 Information

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VaultBox Series 5

Every VaultBox Series features a fun, unique, and exciting theme. Each series is loaded with hundreds or thousands of coins specially curated by VaultBox and authenticated by NGC.

VaultBox Series 5 launched on January 10, 2024. Once you receive your box, look up the unique serial number on each coin in your box. Then, add your coin to your collection, sell it, or Cash Out quickly with our Instant Offer.

What's in VaultBox Series 5

VaultBox Series 5 is focused on more. More hits than ever, more coins than ever, and our biggest hit yet. Find vintage coins, modern coins, gold nuggets, errors, shipwreck coins, and for the first time ever: Vintage Gold in VaultBox.

Look for “Red Core” Series Hits!

Among the Hits in this series are:

Redeem the 1873 Proof Set

We couldn’t fit all 13 coins from our 1873 Proof Set into one Series 5 box. If you find three Red Cores from the set in your box, let us know – we owe you the rest of the set.

Look for New Core Colors

We have distributed several Silver Eagle sets in NGCX 9.9 throughout Series 5. To shake things up even more, these sets are in several different core colors. See if you can put one of these all-new sets together.

Built for Sets

We want to provide as many opportunities to collect VaultBox coins as possible. That’s why we made it possible to build several complete sets of iconic designs entirely out of coins included in Series 5.

Introducing Packs

You love the ripping-fun of individual VaultBoxes, but you want more. So we’re brining you the best of both worlds: each box of VaultBox Series 5 will include 3 single coin “packs.” More ripping, more coins.

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Get Paid to Collect

Our bounty program is bigger than ever for Series 5, featuring 18 total bounties for $26,000 worth of rewards. Bounties include building sets, or finding some of our coolest single coins.

The best part? You keep the coins.

Check to see if you have unboxed any of our Series 5 Bounty coins.

Series 5 Details

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