Series VI

  • Featuring 100% Ancient Coins
  • Chase a Gold Aureus Minted Under Julius Caesar!
  • (3) Packs Per Box. (1) Series VI Coin Per Pack
  • Look for a Red Core to Know You Have Opened One of VaultBox’s Best
  • Limit per Household: 2 Boxes
  • Series Release Date: March 6, 2024 9am PST



We heard your requests and we’re finally able to do it: VaultBox Series VI consists of 100% Ancient coins.

Designed to be your personal “Intro to Ancients,” Series VI proves that it is possible to own historical relics over 2,000 years old at a shockingly affordable price point.

Look for one of the first coins to depict Jesus Christ, legendary silver Owls portraying the Greek Goddess Athena, and gold Aureii minted under Roman Emperors – including Julius Caesar.

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**images shown are of Series VI highlights, actual coins may vary

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