Series 5 Bounty Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Each seller who enters the VaultBox Instant Offer for a qualifying set of one of the (18) Series 5 redemptions outlined HERE shall be noticed by VaultBox of what place their offer falls and the amount VaultBox is offering to pay for that seller’s Bounty. Any seller may rescind their entry for an Instant Offer within 5 business days of receiving said notice.

All coins/items submitted for the eligible Bounties must contain the limited edition NGCX/NGC Vaultbox Series 5 Labels.

Seller shall be deemed to fail to deliver a qualifying set of Vaultbox Series 5 Items if any one or more of the above requirements are not met, including but not limited to delayed delivery of the items or different certification numbers than entered in the Instant Offer.

In the event the first and/or second place seller rescinds their Instant Offer or fails to deliver a qualifying set of as outlined in the on the Series 5 Bounty Page, the second place seller shall become the first (if applicable) and/or the third place seller shall become the second. In the event the third place seller rescinds their entry for an Instant Offer, the fourth place seller shall become the second, and so forth. Only one redemption per Bounty is available, once a Bounty has been redeemed, no further submissions will be eligible for the given Bounties redemption.

The Instant Offer prices for Series 5 Items, individually or as a set, beyond the first place qualifying sets, are subject to market fluctuations and not related to the prices offered for the first place sets offered in this promotion.

Series 5 Bounty Redemptions have an expiration date of 4/1/2024, after said date no further Bounties will be considered.

Sales of the Bounty sets and/or coins are Instant Offers subject to the VaultBox Terms and Conditions. All VaultBox Instant Offer sales are governed by California law and subject to Arbitration as set forth in paragraph 23 of the VaultBox Terms and Conditions.