VaultBox Remix

  • Find coins from every VaultBox Series released, including Ancients, Modern, and Rare!
  • Look for Red Core hits AND high-value Black Cores!
  • Chase a Series 1 Red Core – the 2022 $50 1oz Gold Eagle NGCX MS10
  • (2) Slabs Per Box.
  • Limit per Household: 2 Boxes
  • Series Release Date: June 12, 2024 9am PDT



We sorted through the VaultBox slabs we bought from you through our Instant Offer program and put together a release loaded with variety.

Look for coins from every single VaultBox Series released to date. And since each release was a different value – keep an eye out for hits in Red Core AND Black Core!

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**images shown are of VaultBox Remix highlights, actual coins may vary

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