2023 Niue $5 Julius Caesar Legendary Warriors 2oz High Relief Silver Coin NGC MS70 Antiqued

Perhaps the most iconic leader of all time.

  • Limited mintage of 500
  • Second coin in the Legendary Warriors Series
  • Ultra High Relief with Gold-Toned Highlights
  • 2 oz .999 Fine Silver Gilded and Antiqued

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Renowned as a general, statesman, and dictator, Caesar’s intellect and insatiable appetite for warfare are responsible for the transition of Rome from a Republic into an Empire, as well as his assassination in 44 B.C. His documentation of the Gallic and Civil wars earn him an additional accolade as a historian.As head of the government, he formulated social, land, and governmental reforms, which included the creation of the Julian calendar. During his reign, Caesar also centralized the bureaucracy of the Republic. Today, his political philosophy, known as Caesarism, still inspires individuals.In all, Julius Caesar symbolizes power, ambition, and leadership.