1893-S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin NGC AU53

The king of Morgan Dollars.

  • Own the lowest mintage business strike Morgan of all time (100,000).
  • Only 77 examples have received a better grade at NGC.
  • Highest graded examples have sold for over $2,000,000.
  • Your chance to collect one of the two first UnVaulted Red Cores ever made. Reserved for UnVaulted’s best of the best.


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The 1893-S was rare from its beginning, as bank failures caused by the Panic of 1893 led the mint to produce fewer Morgans. The vast majority of coins struck were circulated or eventually melted down, meaning very few examples in higher grades exist today. The AU53 example we have found hits a sweet spot of higher graded than most examples, while still far more affordable than the millions that the highest grade examples achieve. Your opportunity to own one of the first two UnVaulted Red Cores ever made. UnVaulted Red Cores are reserved for the most outstanding pieces of collecting history that we come across. That’s why we chose this coin, along with the 1890-S, to debut UnVaulted Red Cores.