The Next Generation of Collecting

VaultBox Introducing NGCX - Sign Up Here for Info on VaultBox Series 1 Launching January 2023

Random Pulls, Real Value

Inspired by the excitement of opening
trading card boxes, but now every pull
has value.

Instant Offers

Immediate offers on every coin pulled
at aggressive cashout prices. Series 1
hits worth up to $23,000!

VaultBox Series 1 box with 3 coins and V75 coin

To learn more about NGCX and the perfect 10 Scale, click here.

Security by the Preeminent
Grading Company

NGCX is handling the grading,
randomization, secure packaging, and
tamper-proof sealing of VaultBox.

Series 1

Launching January 2023

Limited Quantities Available.

Sign up for pre-orders. More info coming soon.